Wing Leading Edge plane

created by WING - Own IP

The WING software products – a result of the direct collaboration with our customers and maintained to
solve the latest challenges in the industry.

Next generation
digital open banking platform.
Always future ready.

Our purpose built RPA platform,
easy to be integrated with your
existing banking platforms

Our integrated digital onboarding
and customer journey,
thought with user enchantment
and security in mind.

Holistic platform for design,
dissemination, collection and
analysis of feedback from
your target audience / market.

A simple and intuitive service desk solution. With embedded machine learning algorithms and knowledge database.


in Cloud, On-Prem, with perpetual
license or subscription,

thought to respond out-of-the-box or by simple, non-programmatic parametrization,
to at least 80% of your requirements. For more specific adaptations, we bring to action our
WING software development and integration services.

To ensure a safe and rapid take-off.


Products created by PURE PASSION for the new technologies, rather than based on concrete market requirements.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning algorithms are not just a hype anymore. Are the future. We experiment them in WING Lab to optimize the existing products and create new ones.

5G revolution is knocking our doors. The HW-SW solution created in our WING Lab, tested on 4G communication so far, is prepared to work faster and more secure.

We test different innovative and safe authentication technologies to embed them in our WING software products.


We do not claim we can solve everything on our own for you.
But where already established market leaders exists, recognized world wide, we prefer to partnership with them, to learn form their expertise, and to act as good integrators.

M-Files is a world class IMS platform that integrates top document, process and case management functionalities.

How far can you go with the digital automation in your organization? WING Consultants are ready to help you out for taking the right decision.

WING Customers

Our customer’s success is like the wind for Wing Leading Edge.

And our entire crew acknowledge and contribute to that,
with each interaction.


Happy to stay in touch with you!

At the very beginnings of AI era, we value the
H2H (human to human) VS B2B (business to business) 🙂

So we are omni channel
looking forward to hearing from you!


POPA TATU, Nr. 62A, BCF Building,
3rd Floor, 1st District, Bucharest, ROMANIA.

0740 WING 64 / 0740 9464 64